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Zimmer Statement Regarding Completion of Senate Finance Committee Inquiry

Following the publication of an article in The New York Times, in July 2010, Zimmer received an inquiry from Senator Charles E. Grassley, then Ranking Member of the United States Senate Committee on Finance (Committee), regarding the Company’s product assurance and complaint handling systems.  Zimmer cooperated fully with the inquiry, emphasizing its rigorous quality programs and product complaint handling, in general, and its handling of the failures reported by one surgeon cited in The New York Times article, in particular.  Zimmer can confirm that, following meetings with Senator Grassley's Committee staff, the Company has received notice that it has satisfactorily responded to all of the Committee’s requests pertaining to its complaint handling systems and the facts and circumstances of the specific complaints under review.  The Committee staff has indicated that Senator Grassley has no further questions or requests.

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